Full Mouth Dental Implants

Dental implants are an effective treatment for tooth loss or damage and can be a permanent solution for those who have lost a tooth or multiple teeth in an accident, root damage, or any disease. Full mouth dental implants are an ideal solution for substantial tooth loss.

If you are struggling with tooth loss or damage our team of dental professionals are here to help you regain the beauty and function of your mouth through full mouth dental implant treatment.

Full Arch Dental Implants

Understanding Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants utilise four to six dental implants for replacing a complete arch of missing teeth. The process typically includes the placement of implants in the jawbone that act as anchors for the full mouth dental l bridge to replace the missing teeth.

When the implants are placed and healed your dentist will then place the removable or permanent dental implants in position. This process provides similar structural support to the traditional single/multiple implants but with fewer incisions and implants. Your overall recovery and treatment time are greatly reduced.

Types Of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full Arch Removable Implant Dentures

Full Arch Removable Implant Dentures

Suitable for those who already wear dentures and cannot chew foods properly because the dentures are unstable and you’re looking for an improved quality in life. Usually 2-4 implants are required for this method with a removable prosthesis clipped on top.

Full Arch Implant Bridge

Full Arch Implant Bridge

For those who have deteriorating teeth and require a full reconstruction of their mouth. This type of traditional implant treatment can take up to 6-12 months from start to finish, and it may or may not be suitable depending on your clinical condition. For some patients this is the treatment of choice, especially if you already have dental implants placed in other parts of the mouth that are healthy, and can be used as part of the final treatment.

All On 4 Plus Dental Implants

All On 4 Plus® Implants

Getting your teeth in 2-3 days used to be a dream but not anymore with All On 4 Plus® PLUS. Usually done under General Anaesthetic, we can extract your teeth, place dental implants, and restore your smile and function all within 2-3 days.

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The Full Arch Implants Process

The full arch dental implant process, is a comprehensive dental restoration method for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth. While the exact procedure can vary based on the specific needs of the patient and the approach of the dentist or oral surgeon.

It is important to note that the full arch dental implant process can vary depending on the patient’s unique needs and the specific approach of the dental professional. It is crucial to consult with a qualified and experienced dentist or oral surgeon to determine the most suitable treatment plan for your individual situation.

No. of Implants
Fixed vs Removable
Treatment Timeframe
Cost Range
All On 4 Plus® Plus
2-5 Days
Fast, efficient and effective
Implant Supported Removable Denture
3-4 Months
Cost effective, suitable for those finding dentures uncomfortable but on a budget
Implant Supported Bridge
3-6+ Months
From 25k
Implant Supported Fixed Denture
3-4 Months
Suitable if there is not enough bone for All On 4 Plus® Plus
From 18k

Benefits of Full Arch Implants

Full mouth dental implants offer multiple advantages. Here are some of the major ones:

It is a cost-effective procedure as it provides you with a full mouth dental implant instead of having one tooth replaced a time

Prevents severe bone atrophy and facial ageing if implants are placed within a reasonable timeframe after missing teeth

Improves your jawbone health as it connects the artificial teeth to your lower and upper jawbones just like natural teeth

Full mouth dental implants are highly durable and can last a very long time with the correct care

Have a quicker healing process compared to other dental treatments

Makes chewing, smiling, and talking easy

Provide comfort and stability

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